30 Things to Accomplish in Year 30

I know most people have a bucket list of things they’d like to accomplish by 30, but I decided I wanted to do things a little differently. Life isn’t over just because I’ve been on this earth three decades, so I figured I’d instead make this my best year yet.

My tres leches birthday cake.

I gave myself a head start, considering that my birthday is early on in the year. I started that off with taking a risk with my hair.

I’m obsessed with my goddess locs

Here is the full list:

  1. Take a risk with my hair
  2. See whales
  3. Swim with local animals
  4. Swim in a natural/ocean pool (something I regret not doing in Australia)
  5. Chase waterfalls
  6. Jump off a cliff
  7. Skinny dip in the ocean (butt-selfie or it didn’t happen)
  8. Run a race for a cause
  9. Take a water taxi ride
  10. Visit a new continent
  11. Explore one of my favorite historical events where it actually occurred
  12. Speak my truth without backing down for someone else’s feelings
  13. Travel with my grandma
  14. Visit 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites (10 as of my 30th birthday)
  15. Become more organized
  16. Be someone else for an entire day (name change, new career, the works)
  17. Take a long scenic train ride
  18. Invest in some real jewelry (hello, engagement ring) 
  19. Take my rock climbing skills outdoors
  20. Get my dogs some agility training
  21. See the Caribbean (I know, finally, right??)
  22. Take a class to learn a new skill
  23. Perfect my wheel and handstand in yoga
  24. Downsize my closet
  25. Crowd surf
  26. Celebrate one of my favorite teams (E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!)  

    Yes, that is the Lombardi trophy. Yes, that is the acroyoga throne pose. All on my birthday.

  27. Be as festive as possible on all of the major holidays
  28. Hitchhike
  29. Mentor a younger woman/teen
  30. Invest in quality cookware and bakeware


Okay, wish me luck. I’ve got a long way to go, but 30 is definitely seeming like an adventure…

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