Burying the Hatchet with New Friends

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a real adventure post, and I’ve been craving an adrenaline rush, good laugh-something out of the ordinary. Well, axe throwing was this week’s off-the-beaten path adventure.

My friends and I visited Bury the Hatchet in Cherry Hill, with no expectations other than to be slightly buzzed from Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Crabbie’s ginger beer. My team of 8 included two couples, some college students, retirees, and yours truly.

Safety First

Our intructor Andrew walked us through the most sarcastic yet professional safety tutorial. We all were aware that we can’t move when anyone is throwing an axe, and beers must be kept out of the throwing area. We also learned a technique for throwing.

Competitive Fun

After we all seemed to master the art of throwing (all except me), we were ready to compete. I liked that there was competition. It made our axe throwing more of a game, which upped the fun (and the ante).

Is Axe Throwing for You?

I would recommend a trip to Bury the Hatchet to anyone college aged or older, who is into low-key fun like bowling or beer pong. You must be able to laugh at yourself, and you must bring a team that you can laugh with. My team ranged from 21 to 68, and it was the perfect mix of excitement, witty jokes, and support-all which are important to tame the perfectionist, sore loser in me. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to go back and redeem myself.

For more information or to book, check out Bury the Hatchet’s website

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