Farewell to Summer

Hey guys! Long time, no blog! I’ve been quite busy, though I haven’t been posting. In fact, I’m on Instagram almost daily, so feel free to go follow my page. I try to keep my stories interesting, so make sure you check them out.

Here are a few summer highlights:

San Antonio

I was able to attend my first military graduation, and I have to say that I’ve never felt so patriotic and proud. My god brother is now an airman, and it is difficult to fathom him holding an M-13. I remember when he was trying to climb the wall like Spiderman.

Whether we can fathom it or not, this guy will be working in secure forces. If he gets his way, he’ll be headed to Okinawa (another cool place for me to visit).

Crushing Running Goals

This summer, I took first place woman for a 5k, which felt glorious and insane. I PR’ed that day, and it felt great to not have to pick apart my performance-checking my splits and cadence, where did I slow down, etc. I just let myself revel in my victory and set my sights on another goal. My first marathon!

To keep up the spirit of my 30 at 30, I decided to run on behalf of Back on My Feet. They are dedicated to helping the homeless just like I am, so it only made sense. Running a marathon has been something I dreamed about as a kid, but I never actually saw myself doing it. With the help and encouragement of my local running, community, I was able to start my training.

Lady Bonding

Being local for a large part of the summer meant that I could spend a lot more time with some of my favorite people. Older and younger, my girls give me life, and we made so many memories during those short three months.


Here are some more summer highlights. The fall is looking might fine as well, so stay tuned!