Adventure, Utah

Life on Mars: A Day in Bryce Canyon

Utah has so many breathtaking views, but my inner child was awakened upon visiting Bryce Canyon. Genelle and I arrived at night, when Bryce Canyon City was pitch black and 25 degrees. The sunset was behind us, but whenever I looked back I got a glimpse of what to expect the next day.

We stayed at Ruby’s Inn, which was five minutes from the park entrance. There is a fine line between festive and cheesy, and depending who you are, you could find Ruby’s to be on either side. I found all of the cheese to be absolutely charming.  It set the tone for Bryce Canyon, though we had no idea what to awaited us down the road.

What awaited us was otherworldly, and could have only been created by God.

Interested in visiting Bryce Canyon? Here are a few tips: 

  • If you plan to see Zion, you can see Bryce. It is less than an hour away!
  • Plan for it to be 20 degrees colder than Zion.
  • Arrive before 8am and you’ll avoid the park fee!
  • Bryce is easier to navigate than Zion and it requires a lot less gear. Hiking shoes are still encouraged though.
  • An annual pass to all the National Parks is only $80 for one year! If this is only one stop on a national park tour, consider getting the one year pass.
  • Get there early to avoid crowds and obstructed photos (sunrise is beautiful).

We certainly didn’t mind this woman in the photo. In the near distance, we heard a very loud tour group.

We were thankful to be there early enough to catch the photographers. One took this photo for us 🙂