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My Hawaiian Mermaid Adventure

If I could be any mythical creature, it would be a mermaid. I don’t know if my childhood mermaid obsession came from the fact that my sister’s name is Arielle, or if I just loved the sea that much. Hawaii Mermaid
Adventures gave me the opportunity to live out my childhood fantasies in Kihei section of Maui.

Before we began, Lila, who has every certification imaginable under her belt (CPR, lifeguard, first aid, badass), taught me about the ecosystem and little ways we can improve it. I didn’t know that some ingredients in sunscreen harm the coral reef. Just a drop of oxybenzone is enough to kill coral, so imagine how many drops go in on the average beach? And even though your sunscreen may say “Reef Safe,” you still must check the ingredients. We also discussed the creatures I’d be visiting while in the water.

After my informative lesson, we went over the basics of swimming with a tail. But fair warning: do not attempt if you can’t swim. I’m your average fish, and I had to fight with some nerves about swimming with a tail. Once I let go of my anxiety, I was able to relax and enjoy snorkeling. Yes, your adventure comes with an underwater tour, and a sea turtle may join you. If so, don’t touch! You risk a $10,000 fine (come on, would you want someone to randomly stroke you while you’re sitting on your porch?). Lila also took all of these amazing photos. So not only did I get to feel like Ariel, I returned home with some pretty amazing souvenirs. 

I did not expect my experience to be so satisfying. I instantly felt like Daryl Hannah (Splash, for you youngin’s). Any insecurities I had were gone, but seriously, with a gorgeous tail, what is there to dislike?

c/o Hawaii Mermaid Adventures

If you find yourself in Maui (come on-it should be on everyone’s bucket list), check out Hawaii Mermaid Adventures. Their professionalism will not only make you feel sassy, but also safe. Check out their Instagram for more cool photos.