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Whale Watching with Sea Maui

I feel like no vacation for me is complete unless I’ve been on a boat. What can I say, I love boating. What do I love more than boating? Animals. When I discovered that I’d be visiting Hawaii during mating season for the humpback whales, I was determined to see one.

c/o Sea Maui

In comes Sea Maui. This company’sĀ Instagram boasts some amazing photos of mothers and their calves, so I knew I stood a chance. What I got from my Sea Maui cruise was whale watching and more.

Not only did I happen to go out of Lahaina on the most beautiful day of my trip, but I was surrounded by a great crew and a great crowd. Those are important for me, a solo traveler. I showed off my sea legs, strolling around engaging others in conversation and snapping away. The crew entertained us, and I was able to finally enjoy a mai tai or two (who’s counting?). We also enjoyed some yummy bites prepared by Joey’s Kitchen.

Practicing for when he spotted a whale

It was very easy to forget why we were on the water, but the crew reminded us as they spotted a mama and baby humpback whale. They were quite a distance from us, but with the 100 yard law and other boats in the water, we had to enjoy from afar. It was still a great experience to see them splash and exhale in a way that mimicked Hawaii’s many majestic blowholes.

The views made the experience even more rewarding. I highly recommend the sunset cruise.

If you make it to Hawaii between November and May, please check out Sea Maui for an overall relaxing and pleasing experience. Appetizers and the open bar are included. Visit their website for booking information, and if you won’t make it on a cruise, visit their Instagram to marvel at the photos captured on their cruises.
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