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Natural Born Surfer?

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Bondi Beach

I’m not sure if I can call myself that, but I surprised myself recently after I surfed for the first time in Sydney. I was ecstatic about learning on famous Bondi Beach, but also nervous because I was a novice.

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The Bondi Beach Location on Ramsgate Ave.

I was concerned about only taking one lesson while in Oz, and I wanted to leave with some sort of grasp on the sport. I ate entirely too much sand and was blind half of the time from the salt water and my hair products burning my eyes, but I can say that my experience was similar to that of a recent dance fitness class I tried-clumsy but rewarding. I was covered with sand the entire lesson, from tripping over my board, other surfers’ boards, the waves, the air. I was the Ace Ventura of surfing, but I gracefully caught waves during my first lesson (on my first attempt!), igniting confidence and spunk that I never knew I had.

Photo Courtesy of Let's Go Surfing

Photo Courtesy of Let’s Go Surfing

This is my first wave, and behind me is my instructor, Conrad. I’m glad I chose Let’s Go Surfing because it’s really a special experience to know that your instructor is interested in ensuring you enjoy yourself and learn the sport. See that look on his face? He’s obviously having a proud papa moment, and we could all revel in each other’s victories.

In only 2 hours of catching waves, my group of six developed a little bond that could only come from watching one another eat sand and face plant into the surf.  Just kidding, I was the only clumsy one (let’s not forget my concussion from roller skating). The staff at Let’s Go Surfing was friendly and professional, giving everyone equal attention and making sure we grew acquainted with this new sport. 

After this experience, I’m sure I’ll surf again. I certainly am proud to say that I caught my first wave in Australia. For more info on Let’s Go Surfing, visit their website or on Instagram @letsgosurfingaustralia