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Breaking Day with Daybreaker

Being into yoga, I’m quite familiar with Daybreaker. I attended my first one this week on the Moshulu, and I realized that what I thought I knew about Daybreaker was actually incorrect. Yes, it was yoga followed by some early morning partying, but what I experienced was so much more.

I struggled a little to get out of bed, like I would for a typical 6am fitness class, but I had to remind myself that an adventure awaited me. I was joined by Amy Battaglia, a fellow blogger (Macaroni Kid Downtown Philly). As we expected, the outdoor event started with yoga. But yoga that left us revved up for a party. There were high-fives and many periods of laughter. Mermaids watched from overhead, and as yoga began to wind down, a DJ dressed like a captain helped to amp up the crowd.

Amy and I were not prepared for the mermaid theme, but there were plenty of pirates and mermaids in attendance, as well as sharks, and jellyfish. And unlike the typical dance party, there was no alcohol, unless the trace amounts in kombucha counts. We were able to sample that as well as cold brew coffee, matcha, and some breakfast bites. While we sipped our matcha, the voice of Stevie Wonder could be heard in the near distance. Wait, was that “Golden Lady” over a techno beat? My partner and I looked at each other, tossed our cups and hit the dance floor. What happened next? Well, see for yourself.

These two showed everyone up with their dance moves

Pants, bra, and top, all by Athleta