Daybreaker: Halloween Edition

I somehow managed not to get invited to a single Halloween party (thanks a lot, friends). However, I had no need to feel down, because Daybreaker had me covered on Halloween morning. When you’re not invited to any functions, you feel less inclined to put together a Halloween costume. So, in my fashion, I dressed as a marathon runner, and my date Christine was a mouse. This was her first Daybreaker, and I stressed that attendees pull out all of the stops.

Upon walking in the door, we were greeted by a crowd of people, most of them were in workout gear. This time, there was no yoga, instead we beat the sun with a bootcamp session led by Osayi Osunde from Fit Academy.

When it was time to dance, those Lululemon outfits were traded for vampires, scarecrows, and anime characters. DJ Rich Medina brought the best of the best music, a lot of old school, but nothing to obscure for the youngin’s in the room to appreciate.

My partner and I both had packed days after Daybreaker, but serious question-how do you go about your day after sweating and partying, hopped up on nothing but matcha? Here’s how. You check the website, and countdown to the next Daybreaker.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the best day party on the planet (it is global), visit the website and check out which metros they will visit next. Once 2,500 people are signed up, Daybreaker will visit your city.