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Morning Workouts for Late Risers

Up until January, I had the dream schedule. I made my hours, I decided when I was getting up, and I went to aerial yoga at noon every Monday. Now that I am not afforded the luxury (which is debatable-making your own schedule is tough for many), my random midday workouts had to end. Now, my availability does not work out with my favorite classes. I find that to stay in the shape I want, I’ll have to have my sweat sessions at the butt crack of dawn. I will continue to suffer through my evening lifting in a packed gym, but on my late work nights, I’d rather start my day on an endorphin high.

When I worked for myself, I did have some early morning meetings and road trips, so I have done early am spin, runs, TRX, and yoga. I’ve also gotten on a horse after 5 hours of sleep. After the workout, you feel energized and pumped to start your day, but that’s only if you can get out of bed to do it.

How I prep for an early am workout:

  • Sleep with the TV off. This is a big one since Joe thinks he needs the ambiance of an old sitcom to fall and stay asleep. However, there is no difference in how he sleeps, and being the one who falls asleep last (after the dogs too, of course) I am qualified to say that. The TV disrupts my sleep, and if I manage to fall asleep at a good hour, I have nightmares that wake me up. To say it plainly, you don’t get a restful sleep with the TV on, and it may be tougher to get up.
  • Sleep in your workout clothes. This saves you the hassle of locating clothes and fighting with a backwards shirt or sticky zipper. Just wake up, freshen up, and throw on your sneakers.
  • Keep your pre-workout drink next to the bed. If you require it like I do for some sessions, it’s the first thing you should taste.
  • Set an alarm and place it across the room.¬†After shutting off my alarm, I stretch, then sometimes lie back down. I check social media and turn my up back-light. I also have a backup alarm in case I fall asleep, and a final alarm letting me know I should have left the house.
  • Do NOT sleep with an eye mask. Natural light is your friend, especially if it’s summer. The sun shining on your face at 6 am will help more than it will hurt.
  • Pre-pay for a class. This way there’s money to be lost if you don’t get up. My TRX class does not take money in advance, so it takes all of the above steps to get there on time.
  • Take a friend. My friends call me and talk to me long enough to make my brain start working. If one of you is motivated, you both can be.


If all else fails, find fitness classes nearby your workplace and go on your lunch break. HIIT cardio classes are usually about 45 minutes, or you can go to open spin and sweat for about the same amount of time. Carry wipes to freshen up as well as some BB cream to reapply.