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My Month of the Allongée Technique

I’m always raving about my love for barre workouts. Who wouldn’t love ballet-based strength training? I needed a workout that would be a catalyst for my summer body goals, and I knew barre would be just that. I took it up another notch, though, and I sought out a studio that specialized in CardioBarre, and the closest to me was the Allongée Technique in Old City Philadelphia.

Jillian Dreusike, studio owner and founder of the Allongée Technique, is a lifelong dancer and fitness enthusiast.


Don’t let the photo fool you. Though she looks pretty fierce, Jillian couldn’t make you feel more welcome in her space. The 2nd Street studio is an introvert’s dream scenario. Unlike other barre classes I’ve taken, I don’t feel like I am lots in a sea of Lululemon. The Allongée Technique is not only perfect for barre enthusiasts, it is also great for those who love dance. Their classes build strength without you having to drag yourself to the squat rack. 


During my month, I tried the strength-based classes like Derriere. I also had the opportunity to sweat it out in a few Bey Body Intervals classes which was created in-house. It is taught by Jillian as well as Robin Gillespie, and these classes use bands, mats, and the bar to help you get in formation to some of Beyonce’s greatest hits. You get a serious workout, but hearing “Survivor” certainly helps you push a little further. 


One month later, and I am happy to report that my body is changing. My quads and hamstrings have definition, and my butt is notably perky (which is tough since I’m thigh-dominant). My calves are also sculpted, and for the first time in my fitness career, my usually flat (but boring) tummy is making way for ripped abs and defined obliques. Okay, now who wants to head to the beach with me? Stay tuned for some progress photos.

For more information, visit Allongée on Instagram @allongeetechnique or on their website. Classes can be booked there or on Classpass.