My Summer… So Far

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t belly flopped into summer fun. I have been working quite a bit, and it wasn’t until late in June that the fun began for me.

Race Season is coming to a close, so the majority of my humid runs will be leisurely, or for training (no tough races in 90 degrees for me). This break will ease a lot of my anxiety, and I should feel more confident with the milder weather that the fall will bring. SO confident that this may be my marathon year. We’ll see…

I recently took 1st place in my age group at a local 5k

A Daybreaker event helped to put me in the summer spirit. After my most recent race, I headed to the Divine Lorraine Hotel (sweaty clothes, bib, and all) for a late morning mood booster. The theme this time was Through the Decades, which was definitely fitting. The Divine Lorraine is a longtime Philly landmark, and it will soon be converted to restaurants.

As always, yoga was motivating and inspiring. I felt energized and ready to dance the day away to some of the top music from the 70’s to now-hopped up on iced matcha and kombucha. I almost forgot how much I enjoy 90’s Madonna, and somehow “Vogue” followed “Rump Shaker” perfectly.

I also attended a Puppy Yoga class with my friend Sarah. I got a lesson on just enjoying myself and trying not to excel at everything. As I was working on perfecting my wheel pose, the woman next to me was getting all of the puppy love. Nonetheless, I had a great time, and all of the puppies were adopted the day before! That made the event even greater.

We’ll see what July has in store, but it’s already heating up (literally).

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