Next-Level Pilates with Ploome

I am always down for reformer pilates. But add a motivating instructor and some 90’s hip-hop throwbacks, and I am definitely in my zone. During my month at Ploome Pilates, the instructors worked all of my muscles, while reminding me of the many songs I forgot I liked. *Cue songs from Badboy Records*


Ploome is the perfect studio for a person who likes to feel like an individual instead of sinking into the background. It starts with the smaller class size, and the studio owner even calls you to find out about your experience.


During my month at Ploome, I took almost every class offered, and I enjoyed every single one. What I am enjoying even more is the definition in my arms and legs. It is also fun to learn how to operate the equipment that looks like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie. The wundachair is challenging, but is was so fun to learn how to use it, and it is my favorite piece of equipment.


Owner Christina Stolz is fierce and encouraging. I took reformer pilates a few times, and I knew not to be fooled by her welcoming smile. Prepare to get your butt kicked. And trust, after that butt-kicking, you’ll be running to book your next class.


If you haven’t tried Ploome, well… you should! The first class is free, and the studio is located right in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. Sunday mornings this fall, classes will be held in Washington Square Park. Head to the website or Instagram for more info!