Rooftop Yoga with Vea Fitness

Philly has really been giving me the fitness fix that I seek. I’ve been attending rooftop fitness classes with Vea Fitness, and I’ve been having an equally tough and enjoyable time. Last week, Octavia of 215 Yoga led us through an intense workout that was still newbie-friendly. Her vivacity and humor were both motivating and relaxing.

I became acquainted with Vea Fitness this summer, and I love everything about the app. It makes it easy to be more active or push a little further through its reward system. Want discounts for your favorite brands like New Balance? Just turn on your app, and get out and move. The challenges update often, so there is always new incentive to walk and run.

Special thanks to Core Water for keeping us hydrated through the fitness series. Despite all the sweating we’ve been doing during our workouts, we’ve been able to replenish our electrolytes without any extra calories.

*All photos courtesy of Jay Kan and Core Fitness*

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