Rowing My Way to Fit

I recently got to cross an amazing workout off of my fitness bucket list. I have no idea what took me so long, but I became an instant fan when I set foot in my first rowing class. I tried out Rowzone in Rittenhouse Square in Philly, and I found a challenging yet fun workout that is easy on the joints.

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Rowzone offers the perfect class for those who need variety. We were not constantly on the rowing machines. The instructor mixed the classes up with strength exercises like pushups and bicep curls. This was perfect because the floor workouts took you to the point right before exhaustion but provided a break from the endurance training.

The gameplan

Overall, I got a balanced workout that left me feeling energized and accomplished. My favorite part about working out at Rowzone was that the instructor kept emphasizing that we needed to focus on ourselves. Self-comparison is something I struggle with, and I had to motivate myself without looking at the Nike model rowing next to me.

Rowzone is currently offering three introductory classes for $30. Visit them on their website or on the Mindbody app to book!

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