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Self Care Means Raising the Bar(re)

Navigating different workouts provides me with plenty of teaching moments. For one, I’ve learned recently that it is possible to be “thigh dominant.” Basically, that means that when I do leg exercises, my quads get all of the glory.

I never thought I could fight my genetic big booty, and it didn’t help that I couldn’t kill it during my workouts. The few occasions that I could? They typically involved the 400 meters and a medal.

I’ve realized that my butt hasn’t reaped the benefits of my workouts. That is, until I began taking barre classes. Who really wants to do dozens of deadlifts to dig into their glutes, when you can spend a couple hours a week positioned in front in front of a bar?


Well, I’ve become obsessed with the booty burn, and I was excited to be able to attend a class for the grand opening of Barre3 in Philadelphia.

I am sometimes intimidated by taking a class surrounded by beautiful, thin women. However, upon stepping off of the elevator, I felt welcomed as I was greeted by the owner and her mother in their gorgeous space.

My class was rather large, but the introvert in me loved that the instructor reminded everyone to listen to our bodies. This helped because when the notorious barre shake hit my arms, I modified and listened to them. I did not feel like I was competing.

I left the class feeling sore, but energetic. Barre3 Rittenhouse could definitely help me to glow up in 2017. For more information on the studio visit their Instagram or website.