Springing into Fitness

Y’all. I’m tired. It’s not even spring yet, and I’m already feeling the burn over here. I’m training for the Back on My Feet 5-Mile race, as well as the Broad Street Run.

That means that pounding the pavement and treadmill are beating me up. With that being said, there is a difference between sore and injured, though, so I know that my current pain is okay. I have the tendency to overdo exercise since it’s my go-to stress reliever, but I am keeping that in check by varying my workout intensity and giving myself time to rest.

Any runner knows that there is more to a good race than just logging miles. Aside from my free runs, I purchased a small membership package for Orangetheory Fitness. This gives me a structured, challenging cardio/strength workout every week. I replace one of my shorter runs with this since I’ll be pushing my limits on the rower and treadmill. On my break days, I’ve been drawn to barre and yoga.

My current favorite studios for both are The Bar Method and Moonshine Power Yoga. The Bar Method is convenient for me on work days, while Moonshine is near my temporary home (I’m in the process of moving into my dream home!)

How gorgeous is this studio?

Moonshine has an amazing Powerbeats class that has stolen my heart. It’s enough that the space is motivating, but power yoga to Prince and Lady Gaga? I’m there. The music helps me to get out of my perfectionistic ways and just have fun.

When I ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in 2014, I suffered from terrible runner’s knee. This derailed a lot of my late training and my time. I even thought of quitting. For my races this year, I’m 30 lbs lighter, have better endurance, and I’m not deadlifting twice my bodyweight. Despite this, I’m still pretty sore.

I can’t believe this was 2014!

This time around, I’m confident that I’ll push myself, but still be able to have fun while I do it. Sore muscles and all.