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The Fit Chick’s Guide to Oahu

Hawaii is a paradise for fitness junkies, and I was most active on Oahu. The islands aren’t just defined by spam musubi and Kalua pig (though they don’t hurt at all). It is a haven for every level and aspect of fitness.

The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanic activity, and beautiful views and terrain are the end result. Why not put on your hiking shoes and start climbing? I didn’t realize how much I loved hiking until my very first morning on Oahu. I decided to tackle Koko Crater stairs, which is one of the toughest hikes on the island. The 1,048 stairs, which were once railroad tracks, require much skill, endurance, and agility. I felt so proud of this workout. My booty burned on the way up, and unlike the stairclimber, I could not quit. The end result was rewarding-a feeling of accomplishment and grand views of Hanauma Bay.

I did so much hiking, and there are so many options, from baby hills to challenging illegal ones. Another hike I really enjoyed was the Lanikai Pillbox trail. With Lanikai Beach in the background, this is probably one of the most scenic hikes on the island.

Aloha to your mama

Yoga is also extremely popular, whether on a beach, or on some tricky rocks near a blowhole .

I almost lost my car keys and phone for this photo op. Worth it, but wouldn’t repeat it.

Cliff Jumping

This Waimea Bay jump frightened me a bit because I had to jump when the swell came in. After that swell came in, I had to swim against it to get back on the shore. Because I hung out at ¬†first, I just kept getting pulled out, and though I’m an okay swimmer, I not confident enough to be in deeper water for long stretches. Nothing scares me more than trying to get out of the water and not being able to touch the ground.

Spitting Cave-one of the most dangerous jumps on the island

The less-intimidating China walls

Swimming and Snorkeling

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is known for its snorkeling because duh… It’s absolutely beautiful. But visitors can snorkel at Lanikai Beach, and even right on popular Waikiki Beach. If swimming laps isn’t your thing, count how many species of fish you encounter for about an hour, and you’ll forget you were even putting forth any effort.

Children snorkeling at Waikiki Beach


I’m sure I missed a quite a few other ways to get and maintain your fitness while you’re in Oahu. No matter what, make sure that your trip is balanced. Don’t forget other things Oahu is known for: