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What Health Coach Christina Tarantola Eats in a Day


PC: Christina Tarantola

Want to see how a certified health coach eats? Dr. Christina Tarantola (who happens to be my best friend) shares what a typical day looks like for her. Christina and her fiance Adam devote their time to helping others become their own nutritionist. For more information on their programs or for questions, visit

8 am Breakfast: Core meal

FullSizeRenderI eat within 30 minutes of waking up in order to jump start my metabolism. A combination of protein and complex carbohydrates is my breakfast staple. In Diet Doc terms, this is my Core meal. This combination helps to fill my stomach for the morning.

Oatmeal with egg whites (core meal)

Coffee with soy milk

10am Snack:

Greek yogurt with berries or carrots with hummus or Rx bar

12:30 Lunch:


Lunch is typically a light combination of protein, complex carbohydrates to keep me satiated until my afternoon snack! I try to minimize eating out and bring my lunch to work as much as possible to avoid high fat, added sodium and extra calories. 

Tofu, cucumber, hummus, pita

3pm Pre-workout Snack

15-20 grams of simple carbs to have a glucose source available for when I work out. This could be 10 gummy bears or 1/2 a banana.

Mid-day workout: 20161027_133744

I typically do two days a week of strength training to target major muscle groups. I workout in the afternoon so that I can do my work in the morning and have that to look forward to. The full body workout varies from week to week, but consists mainly of squats, deadlifts, lunges, overhead lateral pull downs and plenty of stretching! 
On other days I will take a walk around my neighborhood, which is so pretty right now in the fall. I give my body time to rest and recuperate. I like challenging myself with different activities (hot yoga, spin classes etc). Now that I’ve moved to Pittsburgh, I miss Soul Cycle so much! There aren’t many studios here. 

5pm Post-workout Snack:

Replenish snack (1/2 serving of the core meal-protein+carbohydrate)

Protein shake or turkey slices and a slice of whole wheat toast

7:30 Dinner:

For dinner I always have an Anchor meal that includes a starchy carbohydrate, protein source and nonstarchy carbohydrate. This is my largest meal of the day and anchors my stomach to keep it full. 

Turkey chili, brown rice side salad


Probiotics help maintain a healthy gut environment and helps regulate the stomach.

B complex is a combination of various b vitamins for energy support. The body uses B vitamins for every process in the body.

Magnesium is often decreased due to our diet, decreased absorption in inflammatory conditions and farming methods that utilize mineral depleted soil. I use the ionized form, which is more available for the body to absorb.