What I’ve Been Up To

Hey guys! I’ve been extremely busy staying fit and building connections, but I wanted to give you an update on my life. A lot of opportunities have been popping up for me. I’ve partnered with Core Hydration for the summer, and the water, Organics, and Energy kept me afloat during an action-packed Independence weekend. I also had a few other amazing opportunities present themselves over the last month. Be sure to follow my adventures on Instagram (@_ajourneytofit_) and on Snapchat (ajourneytofit). Here are few of my favorite moments so far from this summer.

Bike riding through Pittsburgh

I visited my best friend Christina, and we had a great time riding through the downtown area of Pittsburgh. It has been quite some time since the two of us fit chicks have worked out together, and the endorphins and girl talk were good for both of us.

Beach Day with Some of Philly’s Best Bloggers

Jess @denverdelphia, Chelsea @chelseafinn, Sarah @sari_ramirez, Martine @brokegirlsgoout, and Njeri @fvshion_analyst

Photoshoot with City Fitness

I am so grateful for the opportunity to model for City Fitness’s Resting Brunch Face campaign. I never saw myself as model material, but by the way these photos came out, it’s almost like I’m a natural *snorts*

Photos taken by Brendan Lowery for City Fitness
@bridgetannboyd, @rachkline, @brett.blackwell, and of course @_ajourneytofit_

Summer Workouts

Soul Cycle
Flywheel Sports
Freehouse Fitness

More Summer Fun 

Bailey aka P. Diddy


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