Fall-Friendly Baking with Krusteaz

Fall means pumpkin spice everything, and yes, I am on the bandwagon. So of course, I was ecstatic to discover Krusteaz’s pumpkin spice line. It includes quick breads, muffins, and cookies. I assembled a team of experts, and we got down to baking.


Me: Connoisseur of all things sweet

Eunice: Concerned mom of a picky two-year-old

Julz: Baking expert by way of 6th grade home ec. class

Kaylee: Only trusts her Easy Bake Oven

Jules: Knows her pizza and cookies

Riley: Finicky two-year-old who will only eat what appears to be a snack

Chloe: The cute factor

Not only did we create a fun mess, but we made muffins and cookies that the girls all enjoyed. Mom Eunice loved that Riley constantly had a mouthful of muffins. She says she looks forward to hiding things in them (seeds, carrots) and making them for breakfast.