England, Food

Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderson Hotel London

There was no way I could leave London without having afternoon tea. To make it even more memorable, I decided to find a themed tea. Alice and Wonderland? My inner child would not allow me to turn it down.

My first Scotch egg

(Nancy) “Should I stick my pinky out?”

How amazing are these desserts? There were marshmallow mushrooms, mango pot de creme, scones, red velvet lady bugs, and coffee clock macarons. This tea is great for someone who has a sweet tooth, and definitely for a mother/daughter outing. We twenty-somethings made sure to discuss adult topics as we squealed over the Alice and Wonderland movie references.

Nancy: Tonya let’s talk about Joe

Tonya: I  just can’t take it.

Nancy: With Joe?

Tonya: Joe? No. I can’t take how cute these ladybugs are.

Maria came from Exeter to join us