Happy Place, Philadelphia

A Longwood Gardens Christmas

Longwood Gardens never disappoints, and this time around, I wanted my grandma to experience all of the wonder.  IMG_2373

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She underestimated the size of this place, and she griped the whole way to the wheelchair rental, stating that she could handle the trek herself. 


Within the first fifteen minutes of pushing Grandma around, she realized that I was right, and she wouldn’t have been able to navigate the over 1,000 acres of lights and foliage. 


Poinsettias in the Conservatory   




The light shows are always worth a pit stop at Longwood Gardens


The highlight of my evening was my grandma lighting up like a child. As long as I work on my wheelchair pushing skills (I clipped two women my grandma’s age), she is always down for an adventure. 

IMG_2392 (2)

There is entirely too much to photograph at Longwood Gardens, but if you are interested in seeing their Christmas spectacular, it runs through January 10th. A Longwood Christmas