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Italian Market Festival

Asia in South Philly

This year was my first time attending the Italian Market Festival, and I skipped breakfast anticipating a smorgasbord of savory and sweet treats. After work, I quickly ran home, picked up my roadie Asia and my grandma (she’s good for jumping into my plans) and drove to South Philly. We were instantly greeted by a cheerful, half-sober crowd and loud music. This festival had a pretty laid back vibe, and my conservative grandmother seemed to be enjoying herself. However, I am not sure if it was the event, or the fact that I was willing to share one of my “happy places” with her.

Initially, Asia rolled her eyes-thinking that my grandma would dampen the day, but she was a trooper. She munched on a smoked turkey leg and bought Asia all the pizza her stomach can handle.

Italian Market Festival, Philadelphia

I was really impressed by the craft and jewelry stands at this festival. I had a tough time sticking to my spending limit, but I think I did okay.