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Summer To-Do List



As I sit on this unusually gloomy and chilly June day, I have no choice but to reminisce on warm weather. What better way than by putting together a to-do list. There are a thousand things I’d like to be able to do this summer, but I figured I’d list what’s most important. This is a blog, after all, not a novel.

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  • Paddle boarding with one, if not both, of my dogs.
  • Finally try the ostrich burger from Sassafras Bar in Philadelphia
  • Go crabbing
  • Catch fish that I can eat
  • See a Vegas show with my best friend
  • Try a trapeze class
  • Check out the Go Ape Zip Lining Park in Delaware
  • Go tow-tubing with Jade, the younger (and more trustworthy) of my two dogs
  • Tear up the driving range as much as possible, and go play actual golf at least three times
  • Find the best Korean barbecue in my area
  • Wear a string bikini for the first time EVER
  • Be able to run 3 miles for the first time since injuring my meniscus
  • Catch a shark! So many people I know (like 2) have done it this summer, and I’m totally jealous
Last year I opted for one of my little homies, this year, I'm taking my pigs.

Last year I opted for one of my little homies. This year, I’m taking my pigs.

I can’t wait to embark on my journey to the most fun summer of my 20’s, while staying in shape and saving for my fall girls’ getaway. After all the fun and madness, maybe then will I be ready to grow up 😉


Hi, I'm Tonya! I am constantly trying different ways to improve myself-mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. I am far from rich, and I will not shape my page to be a "worship my wealth and beauty" blog. That's far from me. I'm an enigma wrapped in yoga pants and running sneakers. Like one of those weird candy bars with pretzels and peanut butter. Life is a journey, and I'm having fun along the way. I hope that my experiences inspire your journey to fit.

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