Irish Charm

I love Ireland, and although Nancy and I were not there long enough to enjoy all of its splendor, Dublin has moved into my top 5 favorite cities. Long flight delays and downpours may have dampened and shortened our journey, but it did not kill the magic.

One word can sum up Dublin: charming. Every restaurant order, every touristy question, and every time we asked someone if they took credit cards, we were greeted with spirited answers and plenty of wit. We loved it.

One would think that Ireland would be gloomy because of the overcast and unpredictable chance of rain, but it was quite the opposite. I tell people that the lush grass and rich foliage should be indicators of the overall contentment of the people. Take a look, and you’ll see what I mean. How could you feel anything but awe when seeing all the beauty? I’m not just saying this because I took the photos.

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