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Spilling the Tea with Some Furry Friends

My love for Charleston grew when I randomly drove past this cute little cafe with kitties in the window. You know I love a good cat cafe.

This posh little place called Pounce had a Parisian theme, and was the first one I went to that served wine. I opted for tea, though.

The residents were pretty vibrant and friendly, not standoffish like some that I’ve encountered. And I guess you can’t get around a couple lazy ones.

What I also loved about Pounce is that all of their cats are up for adoption. So imagine how difficult it was for me to leave Sammy behind. Doesn’t he look so much like my baby China? I sat with him for half of my visit, reminiscing on my sweet 21 year old tuxedo. She was blind, and Sammy had crossed eyes. It felt meant to be. 

Next time you’re in Charleston, please make a reservation to Pounce. It is right downtown on Meeting Street. Because it’s reservation-only, it won’t be too crowded, and there are so many fluffies to go around. For more info visit their website, or if you want catspo while bored at work, check out their Instagram.

Outfit details: 

Top: Lululemon

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: New Balance