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A Longwood Christmas: Phonetography

Every year I visit Longwood Gardens, and it is always an amazing visual display that children and adults can enjoy.  This year, I decided to challenge myself. Every year I take my Canon and my tripod and I confidently capture some of the best sights the historic gardens have to offer. This time around, I wanted to put my smartphone to the test.

My inspiration came from the photos we took at Antelope Canyon. Our tour guide set my phone up for me, and those photos came out better than some of the ones on the Nikon we used. 

 Every photo from this year’s visit was taken with my Galaxy Note 8 and a steady hand. How do you guys think I did? 

This year’s little-Keyon

Tips for Taking Quality Photos with Your Phone

  • Use Pro Mode-Switch your camera from automatic to the mode that allows you to adjust ISO, Aperture, and White Balance.
  • Be as Steady as a Surgeon-Use a Tripod for your phone, or take your time. Don’t snap and immediately turn off your camera. This can result in blurry photos. 
  • Resist the urge to add crazy filters. You should edit color saturation, contrast, and brightness, but avoid making your photos look cartoony. 
  • Turn Off Your Flash- A trick that I learned from a photographer was use someone else’s flashlight as your flash. Hold their phone behind yours to light up the photo, without having to use yours and washout the photos. 
  • Get Close- As you can see, my phone struggled to get those far away shots that my camera’s zoom could handle. So don’t be afraid to show off the minute details. 

What do you think: A successful outing?


Interested in visiting a Longwood Christmas? Check out their website to book your timed tickets through January 6th.