Happy 2nd Birthday A Journey to Fit!

Photo by: Chelsea Finn organizedmessblog.com

I can’t believe I’m here. I’ve been blogging for two years, and this is the best decision that I’ve made. It baffles me how I let timidity keep me from doing something that I’d end up loving. Writing has always been a passion of mine, since I was a five year old with a marble notebook and a big imagination.

I thought what I feared was making things about myself, then not connecting with or holding the attention of my audience. However, I think my trepidation was caused by realizing my dreams. Blogging about my journey is really just a stepping stone, and to commit meant potentially facing failure. That isn’t something that many of us are comfortable with.

My views on fitness and life have certainly changed over the last two years

So on my second bloggiversary, I am celebrating growing a pair. I have rooted myself in a mission and not strayed from that, instead I have fortified it. Everyday is a struggle to not let perfectionism win, and when I reflect on my original mission, I see that I am winning and I’m okay. My blog isn’t about my wealth or my body or what I have that others may not. It is about embracing life’s journey, while simultaneously maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual fitness along the way.

What to Expect for the Next Year:

  • A newsletter! Stay tuned-I’ll hit you guys with something weird and wonderful in your inboxes.
  • Expanding my journalistic voice outside of the blogosphere
  • More continents! I am always planning my next trip, and I have some exotic adventures up my sleeve
  • Collaborations of course!


Cold shoulder dress: Topshop, purchased at Nordstrom

Bag: Foley and Corinna

Ballet flats: Zara

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