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How to Embrace Change

This has been a hot topic for me this week, in all avenues of my life. With shifts at work, in my relationships, and at home, I am anxious about what these new changes will bring. Because of my slight fear of change, at times I have trouble with decision making (my hair color? A week worth of anxiety). The grass is greener cliche scares everyone, but if you can get over the “is this the right choice?” hurdle, it can be rewarding.

With reflection and helpful conversations with my light sources (my support system), I’m learning to embrace what I can’t change, while simultaneously taking steps towards making better choices to affect change.

Trust your gut. If your gut is giving you clues, hone in. This could be your intuition or it could be your actual gut. Health can rearrange us and force us to make tough decisions, in the same way that turmoil can cause you to question your life and surroundings. If deep down you know that something is not right, begin to address it. This could be through cause and effect (when I’m around this person, I feel this way), or it could be by weighing pros and cons.

Leaving a bad relationship can cause good or bad stress. A lot of us feel relief and can leave easily, but for those who have to put more effort into a leave, it can be painful. This does not just apply to romantic partners. This could mean a friendship or a relationship with a relative. Just because you have been friends with someone since middle school doesn’t mean that an evaluation is off-limits. And as far as relatives, you can’t change your family, but you can change your exposure to someone. Time and blood don’t mean you deserve to be uncomfortable.

On the other hand, entering a new relationship should be something to embrace, not fear. Try to separate your intuition from your anxiety. Is what you fear directly tied to you and your self-worth, or does something not vibe about the person?

A career move is one of the toughest changes to make. For some people, anxiety comes from starting a new job and having new duties, or it could simply be leaving behind a job that is draining, yet stable. I received great advice about this recently when analyzing my goals. To paraphrase what the person said: When deciding to move forward, focus on where you’d like to be in a few months, years. Then look at your current situation and decide how (if at all) it will help you reach that goal. Can you get where you want to be by staying put? If it doesn’t propel you forward, then it should not be permanent.

No matter what the area, anxiety over change should be addressed. The unknown is scary, but think about the sweet rewards that await you.

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