In Home Adventure: Bringing the Party to You

Party planning stresses me out. You have to put together a guest list, a menu, a date, a theme, and sometimes activities. I am always concerned about people not having a good time. Can you relate?

How often do you host parties and determine that the planning part is tougher than the actual function? Well In Home Adventure recently rescued me from a stressful self-care afternoon with my ladies.

In Home Adventure is a service that not only gives you party ideas, but they then bring the party of your choice to you. The service is pretty seamless, and it offers an array of activities from whiskey tasting to cupcake decorating to arts and crafts. 

Since I would be gathering my ladies, I opted for a hands-on activity that we could enjoy while sipping a cocktail. We chose jewelry design with local artist Terina Nicole, then I checked her availability against mine. Each step was pretty simple, and the toughest part of my party-the fun, was out of the way.

Our instruction was about two hours long, and we made beautiful African waist beads, while enjoying delicious margaritas and vegan tacos. It was also a bonus that our instructor’s personality matched with ours because she was gregarious and warm. 

I am glad I discovered In Home Adventure, and I will booking another party soon. Next time, we’ll let the men in on the fun. For more information on booking your next adventure, visit their website