It Took Me a Year, But I’m Here

I have always wanted a blog. After vacillating for a year, I finally decided to take the plunge. I know, maybe it isn’t a big deal for someone to blog-especially not to the extent of putting it off a year, but writing has always been passion. If you don’t at any point in time get anxious about something, then it certainly is not your passion.

Part of my issue is that I had to reconcile with myself that it was okay to put my thoughts on a page, that heckling and criticism come with the territory. I’ve been protecting my words-they are my children. I string them together and when I look back, I smile at their cleverness, like a parent does when a child experiences a first.

Another issue I had to overcome is seeming self-centered. As an adolescent, my dad often told me not to make things about me, and he pointed out anything that could draw attention to myself. The way I overcame this is simply by reminding myself of all the wonderful blogs I follow. Yes, those blogs center around the authors, but there was some much for me to glean. Moreover, I don’t intend to force anyone to read my posts. I know how it feels to get invited to something I don’t want to attend, but begrudgingly go out of a sense of obligation. Baby showers, recitals, church anniversaries. I could go on.

I also needed to find my angle, what I could produce at least bi-weekly that wouldn’t leave anyone questioning my mental state.

Well, I figured it all out, and before I could talk myself out of it, I purchased my name A Journey to Fit!!!

What to Expect:

  • Steps to improvement. Tips with tried and true real world application.
  • My setbacks and lessons learned from them. I’m skilled at faux pas (it’s on my résumé next to Microsoft Office), and I try to find some sun after a s**t storm.
  • The bliss that keeps me sane, which includes outdoor fun, traveling, food, and fitness.

I’m also blessed with a great starting lineup. My loved ones have quite a bit to share about their journeys as well, so please be nice as they make appearances. I would like to foster a ton of positive vibes, so join me on my journey to fit.



It's Me!!


Hi, I'm Tonya! I am constantly trying different ways to improve myself-mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. I am far from rich, and I will not shape my page to be a "worship my wealth and beauty" blog. That's far from me. I'm an enigma wrapped in yoga pants and running sneakers. Like one of those weird candy bars with pretzels and peanut butter. Life is a journey, and I'm having fun along the way. I hope that my experiences inspire your journey to fit.

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