Shattering Ceilings in 2018

That is what’s on the agenda for this new year. In my travel, in my career, and in life overall, I will be working on being courageous. Taking a chance has helped me to forge new partnerships, friendships, and create new career opportunities. Being myself has helped me to build trust in these aspects of my life. Who would have thought being a witty misfit with no tact would charm people? Not me, that’s for sure. 

While I am trying not to harp on the tough parts of my year, I’m walking into 2018 with battle scars and the stories to go with them. My purpose is to inspire with my resilience and flexibility. I grew from my journey, and I’m holding onto my lessons with both hands. 

Here are 17 lessons that 2017 taught me:

  1. Being myself will always be in fashion, as long as I continue to work on myself.
  2.  Even those people we look to for support and advice have struggles. We’re all human.
  3.  There is a such thing as too fit.
  4. Move towards what your insecurity keeps you from.
  5. You can make friends through social media.
  6. Feeling loved (by yourself is a start) can give you life.
  7. Never hold back a compliment. You never know who may need one.
  8. Perfection is boring.
  9. It’s okay to want the typical American dream.
  10. It’s okay to not want the typical American dream.
  11. Irish men have the best wit.
  12. Pain signals a problem. Whether physical or emotional, not all pain means we’re growing.
  13. It’s okay to not have all of the answers. Sometimes giving someone space to express their feelings is enough.
  14. Love can soften the hardest of hearts. Like, really hard. No chisel necessary.
  15. Resting is just as important to fitness as exercise.
  16. A smile is all the revenge you need sometimes. 
  17. Trust the process.