Update on My 30 at 30 Progress!

Here is an update on my list of 30 Things to Accomplish in Year 30. Vacationing in Hawaii definitely knocked quite a few off of the list, but I’ve also been making magic at home. My latest activities are highlighted by cool photos to accompany them. Check it out!


2. See Whales

Okay, not this little rubber one. But this photo was on my whale watching tour in Maui. I was fortunate enough to see a mama and baby humpback whale right off of the Lahaina shore. Read about my experience here.

5. Chase waterfalls

Thanks to Maui’s Road to Hana, I saw many. And boy, were they majestic and beautiful. I actually got to take a dip in this tiny but mighty one.

6. Jump off a cliff

I’m the one making the splash just to the right of the rock

This was probably the one task on the list that I couldn’t wait to complete. Waimea Bay was bright and beautiful, but the nerves were still there. A fellow jumper from Chicago stood next to me, just as nervous. I said, “Let’s do it together.” She said okay, and as the swell came in, we counted to three. What made it more of a rush was that the water wasn’t deep enough without the swell, and it definitely seemed like a higher fall once you were at the top. Prior to ascending the giant lava rock, I asked a teenage girl who was juggling phones to take my photo. It was obvious she was already waiting for others to jump to snap them as well. She kept my purse safe, and as I came back, her grandma asked me how it was. Breathless, I said, “Awesome!” then I said mahalo and went about my North Shore journey.

8. Run a race for a cause

You know how I feel about helping the homeless. So when my friend Sarah told me about the Back on My Feet five-mile race that aids the homeless, I had to sign up. Not only did I crush my goal time by two minutes, but I will be running the Philly 10K on behalf of this organization, which helps with transitions into housing. I will happily raise money for this cause.

12. Speak my truth without backing down for someone else’s feelings.

This. I’m working on it. I just have to figure out how to do so without being insulting. I’ve been practicing with strangers. “Actually, no, you may not cut in front of me in line.” I had a contractor surveying a building get annoyed that I pulled into a parking spot next to where he was standing. He told me he didn’t think I was allowed to park there, and I responded. “Don’t worry, I know how to read the signs.” Hopefully, I’ll gather more courage to take my assertiveness into conversations that actually matter.

15. Become more organized.

This one will take awhile. Since I moved into a new house, I’m trying to carve out time to put things in places they should really go, as opposed to just conveniently putting them away. I also really want to downsize my closet. I said I would donate/sell anything I haven’t worn in a year, and instead, I’ve been trying to wear some of these items. Even if they don’t fit as well as they should, I’m in them. So, I’m going to drag a friend along and hopefully, together we can decide what to save and what needs to go.

22. Take a class to learn a new skill. 

This was highlighted in my original post, since I was in the process of learning a new skill. However, I wanted to specify what my new skill is. I took a healthy cooking class with my friend Rachel. Everything we made was vegan and refined sugar free. Those are obviously brownies I’m making, but they are made with avocado and were sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup.

28. Hitchhike.

Hitchhiking got me to this glorious stream

I was able to accomplish this scary feat in Maui. I trekked to the Iao Valley, and my shuttle did not drop me off at a convenient place. So when I found out how much farther I’d have to go, I stuck out my hand in a little shaka and got to work. Someone pulled up, and I asked if he was headed up to the Valley, and he said yup. The San Francisco native timidly told me he’d never picked up a hitchhiker before, and I said I’ve never hitchhiked. We both had a good laugh at how freaked out we were, and then we went our separate ways. Needless to say, a great experience. Will I do it again? Doubt it.

I’ll have another update in a month or so. Stay tuned!