What I’ve Been Up To

Hey guys! A lot has been going on in my part of the world, or in my head, I should say. I am still processing and taking inventory of my photos from my trip to Ireland and England, all the while trying to dive back into the important things. With all the crazy that warm weather brings for me, here are some of the notable parts of what’s going on:

Making New Connections

I’ve been really trying to build my network, and I have been meeting a lot of interesting people. I’ve met a few bloggers, and I’m really gleaning a lot of information to grow A Journey to Fit. This has been great motivation, as I am celebrating my two year bloggiversary. Two years! And to think-I debated whether or not I should even be blogging. I am beginning to feel like I am leaving some footprints, and of all the people that I meet, no two blogs have been the same. And none are like mine. And that makes my heart glad to not only feel like I have something unique to offer, but to also have a wealth of diverse knowledge just a text or email away.

Johnathan, the co-founder of Vea Fitness. Check out the app!

Fortifying Bonds

My girl gang is the strongest it’s ever been. I’ve unfortunately experienced some losses in the last year, but developing the remaining bonds is coming easily to me. That lets me know that my friendships are organic and steadfast. My friends are starting families, making career moves, and running all over the globe, but we all share the desire to let our hair down with a fellow hottie over a glass of wine (or tea, for the pregnant ones).

Ian and Joe

Eunice about to pop

I never thought I’d have my best friend and Riley in the same city

Boating Season

This is always a lot of fun for my family because, for about six months, we are part-time city dwellers.

Being in Philly at least three days a week means that I get to attend my favorite fitness classes weekly instead of monthly. With SoulCycle and SLT opening Center City studios, I’ll be able to attend some Manhattan faves without hitting the highway.

And my fur babies love Philly life, as well.

Bailey and Jade at Spruce Street Harbor Park


Summer Body Goals

I’ve been trying to hit the ground running. Fitness is a year-round priority for me (keeps me sane), so I am fortunate to not have to shed ten or twenty pounds before bikini season. Instead of focusing on burning a ton of calories, I’ve been focusing on fun challenges and toning up my muscles. I’m determined to have some definition in my abs and legs, which would be a first in my life. I carry fat in my lower half, so though my legs have always been strong, they never really looked it. My abs? Flat, but boring.

I am really active when it’s warm. I anticipate hiking with my friends, 5k runs with my dogs, kayaking, and paddle boarding. With that being said, I anticipate decreasing my classes. I will continue my strength-based classes like barre, yoga, and TRX, which don’t force me to count how many curls I’m doing.

I will be cutting down my cardio-based classes, and instead attend Flywheel and SoulCycle classes a couple times a month. As much as cardio gives me life, I’ll let it take a backseat to my outdoor activities. I am trying to pack on about ten pounds of muscle before the season is out. You may be wondering why someone would want to pack on weight, but being underweight can be just as detrimental as being overweight.

What are you guys looking forward to this summer? Leave me a comment and let me know!