This post is long overdue, but I had to sit down and reread one of the best books I’ve read in a while. What makes the book a better read for me is that it was written by my best friend, Dr. Christina Tarantola. Revealing Your Inner Radiance: Healing Through the Heart details her journey to recovering from a painful past and ridding herself of depression, anxiety, and an addiction to food and love.

I was so bummed to miss the book signing, I was out of the country
I was so bummed to miss the book signing, I was out of the country

In the book, Christina not only speaks from a pharmacological point of view, but the health coach in her comes out in full force as she takes a holistic and spiritual approach to healing oneself. She talks about how delving into your past can help you to heal and become more radiant. To better explain, she describes working in the garden with her mother. Her job was to pull up the dandelions, making sure that the root was attached. The weed will continue to grow if you’re just grabbing at the flower or stem.

She knows firsthand the toll that spiritual sickness can take on your body.  Christina’s rare eating disorder is what inspired her to write this book. For years, Christina would get up at night and binge on whatever she could find in her kitchen. This behavior left quite a toll on her, leaving her depressed with a mouth full of cavities. Christina could see the weed, but she had to dig out the root to change her behavior.


I have known Christina for ten years, and I see the strides that she’s made to better herself. She switched gears from a full-time pharmacist to a certified health coach with an interest in holistic medicine. This is quite different path than the one on which she started, but this was important to her harnessing her own radiance, and she describes it in her book. She knows the power of a well-rounded approach to healing.


Even when a person does seek medical attention, most of the time they will receive a prescription. There is very little engagement about physical activity or nutrition. And so the silent stresses, poor eating habits, and low activity continue. Most doctors will not even address a condition called pre-diabetes where your blood sugar could be on the borderline of diabetes. Pre-diabetes is defined as having a fasting blood sugar over 100mg/dL. Some doctors do not address this at the point where you can still make significant lifestyle changes. Notice I said some doctors not all. I am not attacking the medical community, and I have deep respect for doctors. What I’m saying is that there can be partnering with health coaches to solve the problem. Integrating health coaches into private practices or clinics can guarantee a continuum of care so each patient has a comprehensive visit.

You don’t have to be broken down to gain something from this book, and simultaneously, you can’t be too far gone to glean some knowledge. We could all use some tweaking, and this book is a witty, cerebral, thoughtful reminder that our radiance comes from within.

For more information on Christina or to purchase her book, visit her site: http://christinatarantola.com/



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