My Hydrafacial Experience with Spa Riva

Lately, I’ve been failing to take care of my skin. I do wash and moisturize, and I use an SPF daily. However, there has been no scrubbing, facials, or masks in months. I’ve been neglectful, but I knew that a hydrafacial from Riva Health + Wellness would set my skin straight.

Prior to my procedure, I knew some basics about the hydrafacial. I knew that it would suck the junk out of my pores, and that it would do more than microdermabrasion.

After my skin was washed and prepped, Tarsha used the wand to exfoliate and peel my skin. This made it easier to remove my thousands of blackheads. And trust me, it worked.

The final step was the hydration. This was a messy step, and it reminded me of squirting the wax on my car at the car wash.

All of the junk that came out of my pores

The procedure was practically painless. There was some discomfort, but I think that was because I felt weird about having a tiny vacuum on my face. My skin felt super soft and dewy, and I had an instant glow. You can see the difference in these two unedited photos taken right after. I can’t wait to get my next session, though the results have been lasting.

Not only does the hydrafacial help with acne and blackheads, but it is great for people who have signs of aging, discoloration, and dry skin. It is even safe for a teenager. Interested in getting a hydrafacial? Contact Riva and mention me and receive 15% off!