My Microneedling Experience with Vivace RF

I’ve been wanting to adopt a more adult skincare routine, since I can feel 30 staring at me from across the room. When I learned about microneedling with added radio frequency, I had to try. Microneedling uses a tiny gun with mini needles on the tip, and they prick your skin. These tiny pricks make your skin think it’s wounded, and it will start producing collagen to repair the wounds, since it’s unaware if they are major or barely there (like from a little needle).

c/o Vivace Experience

Now, I’m a thrill seeker, and when I saw Kim Kardashian had what was called a “vampire facial,” I said I wanted that same gnarly treatment. I’m glad I didn’t have to commit to that (which is microneedling with PRP), because I probably would’ve had a heart attack staring at my bloody face. I took my fears with me to Riva Health+Wellness, right in Philadelphia. 

Despite my fear of needles, I said I was going to try it as an early kick-off for my 30 at 30 challenge. Seeing my hesitation, the Riva staff, including the owner Janet, all but held my hand. The aesthetician assured me that the procedure was safe on darker skin, and that he would use an insulted tip to be extra cautious. After going through the numbing process, I can say that I barely felt anything. At the worst, it felt like little paper cuts on my cheekbones, which was tolerable.

A few minutes after, some redness and swelling on my cheeks

It has been a couple of weeks, and I can say that my skin looks more refreshed, and my acne scars are appearing better already. I started peeling a couple of days later, and right after that, I noticed a healthy glow, and minimized redness. There was no downtime, I just had to skip my workout that evening, but the next day, I was right back at my routine, except with more sunscreen on than usual.

Two days later, my face was brighter and didn’t need makeup (except for a little lipstick)