My September Goal: Immerse Myself in Beauty

I’ve noticed that I’ve been a little depressed the second half of the summer, and in my self-care for the last month or so, I’ve been reaching for something beautiful. This has really been helping to ground me when everything overwhelms me. I decided I’d use this habit to make my September as amazing as it can possibly be. Here are ways to add some beauty to your life.

Add some color to your day. I’m glad that my favorite Stila Stay All Day lipstick in “besos” is still a fall color. I instantly feel more beautiful staring in the mirror at that bold red lip. While you’re at it, put on a pretty dress and go out. After a tough work week, you deserve it.

Buy some flowers. Put them on your kitchen table, and put them in your bedroom so you can see their beauty as soon as you wake up. Use them as a reminder of God’s splendor. My plan is to buy a small bunch to take to my grandma. I want her to sit them on her table next to her medications, so they’ll be one of the first things she sees as she gets her day started.

Have a painting party. Then display your painting in your office. Even if it looks like it was a kid’s art project, you can at least laugh at yourself when work feels too stressful.

People watch.

Friends catching up in Sydney

Find a quiet, beautiful place. I recently discovered a secret healing garden, and I shared it with someone who needed the tranquility just as much as me, my friend Sarah.

Go on a scenic drive. Fall foliage is so relaxing, and if you have a convertible, put your top down (with the heat on) and inhale the scent of the trees. Make sure to stop at a scenic overlook. Use your best photo as your screensaver on your phone or computer.

Howth, Ireland

Fall in love with architecture. Buildings can be just as beautiful as nature. Walk through a historic town and marvel at the details we no longer see, or get a mood boost from strolling down a colorful street. Bonus points if the front boasts impressive trees and flowers.

Notting Hill, London
Temple Church in London

What are some ways you like to add beauty to your life? Comment below!

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