Self Care Saturday

Floating Self-Care

I started 2018 in overdrive. It was the equivalent of parents pushing their kids into pools to teach them how to swim. However, my float game is mean. I learned this recently during a float session at Float SNJ.

I needed a way to relax that did not require me to engage with another person and allowed solitude. Because of my workout routine and a recent toe infection, I’m becoming an epsom salt bath junkie. However, taking one without my cat crying through the bathroom door appealed to me.

Enter flotation therapy. While you float, you will undergo sensory deprivation. No lights, no sound, and body temperature water that makes you feel as though you’re coasting through the galaxy (which is the name of the room I was in). It is a form of alternative medicine that people use to soothe ailments ranging from achy joints and muscles to PMS.

c/o Float Marlton

I like that Float SNJ was not going to require me to enter a tank with a closed door. I was less intimidated by the oversized bath tub, and I was in awe at how far they went to make you feel like you weren’t just in a random bathtub. In preparation, I got myself nice and sore with a tough workout the day before, and a run a couple hours before. I put on a bikini, but at the recommendation of the staff, I floated without it. That’s right. I was bucky nekky. Nekkit. In my birthday suit.

Before my float, I was able to chill out in the infrared sauna, which was perfect. If I had more time, I would have connected to my Pandora and stayed longer. I then jumped straight into the ice shower, which was less traumatizing and more energizing. This was not the kind of shower you have when someone flushes in another room. The cold is welcoming, and I imagined I was using an outdoor shower on the beach. 

When I finally entered my galaxy room to float, I used my private shower, then I submerged myself in the water that felt more like oil. There was calming music playing and twinkling overhead lights that looked like stars.

After stretching  and getting comfortable enough to release my neck, I turned off the music, then the lights.  The pitch black silence did not frighten me. Instead, it forced me to turn off all of the noise in my head. I did not realize that my mind is constantly in overdrive until I was devoid of all my senses. 

I left the Galaxy feeling a lot more calm, considering how hectic my day was. That hour float was probably the first time in awhile that I was able to slow down my thoughts and just relax my mind. I woke up the next day able to tackle the day’s hurdles, with a little less muscle soreness and a ready mind. Visit Float SNJ’s website to book your session.