Tackling Dryness with Clarins Double Serum

My skin is complicated. With all of my sweat sessions, I’m washing it so much these days. Needless to say, it’s been super dry, which is causing some parts to be a little oily. I’ve been using Clarins double serum for a few weeks, and I love how after only one week, my skin already felt more supple.

Turmeric extract is probably one of my favorite ingredients, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This serum really helps my skin to feel calmer after a morning run or spin class.

Other key ingredients include banana and avocado, which firm and smooth the skin. For the oxygenation effect, teasel and goji berry are added, which help make the skin more radiant.

What’s even better, it makes my makeup go on so smoothly. Yes, makeup. I don’t live at the gym, after all. It has been the perfect addition to my new adult skincare routine. Let’s face it: im staring at 30, and I can’t run from lines and wrinkles forever.


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